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Nice one bud! Instantly I thought of a video game !


Great track my friend, you are the best dude keep going the exelent work, you rock!

darkalucard1 responds:

Thanks man! will be in contact ;)


your best work ever! I liked all!
I don't know what to say exept for, I'm donwloading!! LOL

Qwertyuiopasd responds:

heh, thanks. although I'm not sure if its a good thing that the first song I uploaded is my best work... oh well. thanks for the review.

I liked!

It sounds like Kriegsturm, but in the end its a totally different song, I would added a dfferent drum, and maybe that way it could soung a bit different, but anyway, I don't know much about techno


Qwertyuiopasd responds:

I hadn't thought of that before... perhaps it'd make it sound less electronic.

I'll mess around with it, thanks!



Dude, its awesome, I loved the start and the ending, its great for an action movie!! great sound, keep it up!!

now I'll listed to the rest of ur work

Qwertyuiopasd responds:

yeah, if I had any Flash skills I'd totally make an animation of naval warfare... but alas, my Flash doth sucketh.

there was an "All Your Base Are Belong To Us" somewhere in there in one version...

Great For chilling

Well I heard your songs and let me tell you this one is the one I liked the most, you have a unique way of composing and I like that, congratilations, exelent song, you just need to make more!

blue-eyez responds:

You can count on that! Thanks for the review. Keep on doing what you're doing too.

Great job

Well I usually don't review the audio files... but your case its special, this song it the best one... Congrats....

Ps: Make it longer

Very nice

Well dude let me tell u, u have talent, this song is great, there's only one problem, it's kinda short, so just make a larger one, I use two programs,and I'm learning the use of another one called "Moog modular V"
Cakewalk project5 and hiphop ejay4 this will make u happy, keep the nice work

yun-sung responds:

thank u that means alot to me and ill be sure to cheack the song out

This is BETTER!

Well this is way better than the one's u make in 2004, let me tell u that this song does not belong to the rock type, I would say that is more kinda ambient, but let me tell u the begining of the song is EXELENT, I see that u have talent

Bobhellbringer responds:

thanx btw this is the first song i ever made i just dug it up on my comp and thanx for the great review i will make more like it

The same

dude. the problem with ur music is the speed, ur timimg is not right, I could see this track in a tribe flash movie, or maybe a caveman's movie, but the speed is way to high, and kills the spirit, I recommend u to use cakewalk project5 so u can make ur own loops, or maybe u can download the easy one called hip-hoo ejay

Bobhellbringer responds:

so you mean i should make ballads and pull down the tempos of the songs and btw this is song isnt that great imho

The dance & trance music is the best...

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